MPC - Lagged fast forward

  • rsherid

    rsherid - 2007-07-12

    I have the latest version of MPC. Everytime I fast forward to a certain point in a video, the video lags behind the audio and then once synched the video is sped up for 4 seconds. This may be a codec issue, but I'm not sure which one I need. Thank you.

    • rsherid

      rsherid - 2007-07-15


      • StuartH

        StuartH - 2007-07-16


      • StuartH

        StuartH - 2007-07-16

        I'm sure lots of people get this.

        I certainly do. I've always assumed its to do with the caching process of
        MPC. It just doesn't handle the user skipping through the video properly.

        Nothing to do with codecs per say.

        For the last year or so the use of viewing video via our computers has increased enormously.
        With sites like Stage6, YouTube and MySpace all getting into the act. I feel we need better video players.

        I've often wondered why our video software players like MPC are worse than say my £30 DVD player at doing slow play, fast forward or even doing a basic rewind.


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