Q: flicker changing to full-screen and back

  • kk2

    kk2 - 2008-10-22


    i have a question: on XP, after changing my nvidia (GeForce 7900 GS 256) graphics card driver
    from an old one (from aug. 2006) to any newer version
    i now have flicker when switching, at video display, from non-fullscreen mode to full-screen mode
    and vice versa (normally i do that by doubleclick).

    With flicker i mean:  the speed until an image is build is noticeably slower than before
    with the old driver (here it was very fast).
    And there are series of noticeable repaint activities including heavy desktop repaint activities
    until the new size is established.
    Simple resize operatoins (using the size grip) are affected by delays due to repainting too.

    Of course first i suspected the driver as the culprit.
    Meanwhile it don't believe that: because other media playes eg. the windows media player
    do NOT have this problem, and, i don't have similar problems with any other application.

    Is there any known issue about that and what do you recommend to fix it?
    MPC  (or media player home cinema ... does not play a role; the version does not play a role too)

    Best regards,

    • kk2

      kk2 - 2008-10-22

      Tried to track it down ...

      - MPC / MPC-home-cinema without having loaded no video -> no problem

      -MPC / MPC-home-cinema with having loaded a video: the following problem:

        ** resize the window, or drag the window around (by pressing left mouse on the caption bar)
           --->  heavy repaint operations around the window
                 does not depend on the video is paused or not

          The repaint delays and shadows triggered by the move operations
          can be seen within the MPC window as well as outside the MPC window (background).

      For me it is a bug, as i could not found any other app with a similar behaviour.

      I'm very heavily interested to have a solution, as for me MPC is the best player since years :-(


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