Failed to render file

  • blackcat

    blackcat - 2009-08-10

    Tried to download video from the internet and got the message at this bottom of the MPC
    window:  Failed to render the file.  I have no idea what that means.  Anyone help please.

    • shinji2009

      shinji2009 - 2009-08-10

      so file you are downloading are not supported by mpc or this is not video or audio at all, mb html, jpg, etc.

    • Tim

      Tim - 2009-08-11


      I'm sure you just need to install the right codec for it.  There is a program called GSpot that should help you determine what codecs are needed for that video.  You can download it here.

      If you still need help finding the codecs GSpot says you need, post back what it says here and I'll help you out.


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