Latest version confused VOB audio tracks

  • Jen

    Jen - 2008-03-19

    (I know posting in these forums have an 80% chance of never receiving a reply, but still...)

    When using MPC v6.4.8.2, it has no problem playing VOB files with the default language being English.  But using the latest (2 years ago?) version, it often plays the audio tracks abnormally.  One VOB will play english, the one below it in Italian, the entirety of 2001: A Space Odyssy in Italian, etc.

    Again, using the older version of MPC, it plays the exact same VOB files in English, every time.  Under the Playback DVD/OGM option, I've set both versions to English (United States). 

    So why is this happening?

    • Jen

      Jen - 2008-03-22

      As expected, not a single reply.  Any suggestions as to what other forums are good for making MPC-related queries?

    • Jen

      Jen - 2008-11-28

      PROBLEM SOLVED: = English audio, playback delay when moving trackbar. = English audio, (almost) instant playback (homecinema) = Wrong audio, Instant playback

      Doom9's MPC wins.

      • StuartH

        StuartH - 2008-11-28

        Thanks for that.

        I'd never heard of the Doom9 build. Homecinema is so buggy, it often totally crashes my PC.
        I'll give this one a try.
        If others are interested.


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