Demuxing SubMux(ed) ssa files

  • Joe A. Bunt

    Joe A. Bunt - 2009-06-02

    A while back I used VobSub's (v2.36) Submux program to start muxing .ssa subtitles into the AVI files instead of using VirtualDub to reprocess the video filtering in the subtitles (I started softsubbing instead of hardsubbing.)  Only now that I have a DVD player that will play avi files for me, I find out that it cannot use those embedded subtitles.  Since I no longer have the original ssa files, an cannot find most of them, I need to demux the ssa files back out of the avi files.  I tried using Avisynth to feed the video stream to virtualdub and just reprocess the video that way, but cannot get the subs to appear (directvobsub(autoloadversion) loads then imediately exits.)  Is there any way to do either?

    • Joe A. Bunt

      Joe A. Bunt - 2009-06-02

      Ok, that will teach me to give up after only 3 hours of web searching :(  For anyone else with this problem.... Read the submux.txt file found in the Vobsub directory I don't even remember being created.  Then do a search for graphedit.exe instead of demux and such.  sorry to have been a bother.


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