Is there anyone working on MPC

  • whysodifficult

    whysodifficult - 2008-07-31

    Who is working on it? There hasn't been an update for quite some while.

    There are so much things that can be updated looking at the amount
    of questions. And MPC is so much better than Windows media player.

    • clsid

      clsid - 2008-08-05

      New developments take place in another project:

      • StuartH

        StuartH - 2008-08-08

        Ahh it's been 'forked'.

        Classic case of it getting tweaked to death?

    • whysodifficult

      whysodifficult - 2008-08-12

      Suart said:
      "Ahh it's been 'forked'."

      What do you mean by that?

      Earlier you said that you were going to do some software project
      on rentacoder.
      Do you have a MPC project running too?

      • StuartH

        StuartH - 2008-08-13

        I meant that I express understanding on it being forked?

        I said in an earlier thread "Oh thanks for the 'rent a coder' website. I'll take a look. I've a few projects that I think would benefit everyone in mind."

        Sadly reality of the financial situation currently in the UK means I am very restricted.


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