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  • Srt subtitle

    Srt subtitle - 2009-02-19

    Please give me a ! complete ! list
    what html tags Media Player Classic
    can understand in the Subrip (.srt) file:

    00:00:02,465 --> 00:00:03,883

    For example: font face="Comic Sans MS"
    or font color="#817679"

    • Yuri Khan

      Yuri Khan - 2009-02-20

      Since there is no such thing as an official SRT format specification, your question is moot.

      Unofficially, <b> and <i> are quite widely used, <u> less so, and I've also heard of <font color="#RRGGBB">. You'd be well advised to stay clear of everything else.

      Reading an old version of MPC source that I happen to have handy, file src/subtitles/STS.cpp, functions OpenSubRipper and SubRipper2SSA, I'd say only <b>, <i> and <u> are/were supported. If you're really interested, download the current source and see for yourself.

      If you want to produce subtitles with rich formatting, use the SSA format or its successor ASS. They also have a style system so that you won't have to repeat color values and font faces everywhere.


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