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Fixed window size

  • Joacim

    Joacim - 2008-10-08

    I was wondering if there is a way to make video files allways open in the same window size? The way it work now is that MPC scales the window after the size of the video file, wich make the windows size quite small. I have tried to check the "remember window size" box, but that did't work. Is there a way to fix this?

    • Joacim

      Joacim - 2008-10-10

      What could also solve this problem for me is if there was a way to allways start the video files at 200%? Is that possible?

      • StuartH

        StuartH - 2008-10-10

        Easy to do this.

        See option: View/Options/Play Back/Output-AutoZoom 200%

        I tend to also use the option: View/Video Frame/Touch window from inside. You only get this option when a video is paused or playing.

        Have fun.

    • Joacim

      Joacim - 2008-10-11

      Thank you so much, that worked great!


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