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how, the f..., change subtitle folder???

  • maysider

    maysider - 2009-06-13

    thx for opensource, but
    how, the f..., change subtitle folder???

    I want to have my own folder (just one) with subtitles


    • NotUrN00b

      NotUrN00b - 2009-06-13

      guliverkli has 32 packages here on SourceForge.  Why not specify which one you are talking about?

    • maysider

      maysider - 2009-06-13

      ok, sorry, it is directvobsub......I just want to take srt subtitles from my JUST ONE folder because my half is from Poland so we need to have 2 language subtitles.....if I could put just 1 folder source it would be resolve all my problems with subtitles
      I use ffdshow and vobsub and I want just this solution (one folder in vobsub) not in the contrary


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