MPC keeps raising its own volume on it's own

  • deadmidgets

    deadmidgets - 2007-11-24

    I have k lite mega codec pack october 25th version and media player classic keeps raising the volume all the way high by itself. I lower it and it moves right back up. I had an older version, and then this happened randomly so i updated and it didn't happen, but now it happens again. do they even know of this bug? any way to fix this? this problem makes me throw up blood.

    • StuartH

      StuartH - 2007-11-26

      You sure its not the action of moving your mouse thumb wheel?

      My copy of MPC alters the volume if I've accidentally given MPC the focus and I move the mouse wheel.

      If you're throwing up blood, may I suggest you see a Doctor.
      If it's not your blood - See a police station.


    • deadmidgets

      deadmidgets - 2007-11-27

      i am not pressing the click wheel by accident. when this happens i can keep clicking the volume in a lower position and it rises back up without me touching the wheel. If I was accidentally lowering it myself with the wheel, then how come the pages in my browser don't keep rising to the top whenever i'm at the bottom of a page? how come I wouldn't make an accident press in the browser ever?

      • StuartH

        StuartH - 2007-11-27

        When you lower the volume, does it rise back up immediately or slowly or when you reload a new file?
        I have to ask as you've not going into enough detail.

        I find that if I run a mp3 or video by double-clicking on a file with MPC then it takes the default setting and uses that. So the next time I double click on a file it appears to be back at its default volume setting.

        So I've got my MPC volume set up on the blank MPC to be very low, so each time I d-c on a file I have to manually raise the volume. It's what I prefer.

        Is this similar to what you're getting? :-)

    • deadmidgets

      deadmidgets - 2007-11-28

      it would raise up really fast, and when i shut it off and turn it back on, it's still raised, and i lower the volume and it would go back up. it hasn't happened today at least. I don't know what else to explain.

      • StuartH

        StuartH - 2007-11-30

        Well in that case I can only suggest that there is a 3rd party utility on your computer that is sending false key signals which MPC thinks are volume increases.

        Try running XP in safe mode and run MPC to see if the behaviour is still there.

        If not then it's 3rd party software conflict.

        Whatever is happening is probably unique to your PC.

    • deadmidgets

      deadmidgets - 2007-11-28

      at least i THINK it would stay raised. I didn't look out for it so I don't know.


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