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Please use a proper zip format

  • Per

    Per - 2006-11-08

    Instead of this 7zip shit.

    • Harold Feit

      Harold Feit - 2006-11-08

      Compare the sizes.

      Oh look.

      7-zip kicks old-style zip's ass.

    • Alvaro Segura

      Alvaro Segura - 2006-11-13

      In that example, in the src package RAR seems to beat 7zip (72 KB vs 73 KB), but if PPMD compression method is used, 7zip shrinks the file to 61 KB !!  (compare to zip's 127 KB)

      • JackieKu

        JackieKu - 2006-11-21

        RAR is not *FREE*, but 7-zip is free.

        • FF / MFG

          FF / MFG - 2007-01-05

          UnRAR is free

    • Harold Feit

      Harold Feit - 2006-11-23

      So I've been using the wrong algorithm for my source package, and I'm STILL getting better compression results than traditional zip.

      Good to know.


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