Anonymous - 2012-06-06

Feature request Eulerian Video Magnification

This technology came out from Siggraph this month. May 2012 It amplifies both color and movement BY color or movement change FREQUENCY in video. Picks up and magnifies subtle changes in colors and move within your chosen frequency and amplifies it in video.

For example you can chose to amplify only movement of frequency of ONE GUITAR STRING and only that string's movement will be exaggerated. It can amplify blood changes in face and pick up pulse in arm from normal video in undetectable visual video stream. It can pick up and amplify movement in only one direction and only with say the movement frequency of a baby's breath thus making baby's breathing suddenly visible in a video where it was not visible before.
There is a  video example on youtube. VERY COOL. look on youtube for video of this title "Eulerian Video Magnification"
In the video explanation section there is a link to programmer's website with links to papers discussing how this is done.

Go there and get the papers.

Spam filter on sourceforge is not letting me post links directly.

It would be great to run vidoes of presidential debates witht his filter to detect blood flow changes or pulse changes in candidates.

You could detect subtle movements in historical events video that were undetectable before. This would be FANTASTIC as a video filter option!

You could see subtle movements of planets in video through telescopes etc.
Amazing possibilities. for this.

please implement this in the code or at least in a plugin.