Possibly neat aspect ratio suggestions

  • Niels

    Niels - 2006-09-30

    First post and first off: Great little program this is!

    I use my video card's TV out on a pretty rusty old but decent CRT TV. This is supposed to be 4:3 but isn't quite. My first suggestion has come across at least once in this forum or in feature requests:

    - add an option for a custom aspect ratio, i.e. enter x aspect (say 1600) and enter y aspect (say 1200) resulting in a 4:3 aspect ratio

    - Add a graphical circle in a full screen 'test' so you can calibrate aspect ratio for CRT televisions, changing until you measure a properly round circle and not an ellipse.

    Allow this calibrated aspect ratio to be stored as a preset 'my base aspect ratio'.. Then, on top of that, use the regular options like force 4:3, 16:9 etc etc.

    This way you first calibrate your monitor or CRT TV, and then regardless of what you then choose, it will always adapt to the calibrated ratio so forcing a 16:9 movie to 16:9 aspect, will still give you 'round circles'. I hope I'm making my point clear and not vague.. :D

    Keep up the good work!

    • Wvlle

      Wvlle - 2006-10-21

      Although the circle idea is good I must point out that under the menu View->pan&scan you can already select 'edit' and add your own aspectratios, But the system could be improved that's true.


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