Cigaboo - 2004-10-02

some comments, questions, and suggestions

First of all, thank you for making this excellent media player!  Ive tried many media players, from BSPlayer to Zoom Player, but your player is exactly what I want  simple yet customizable and intuitive interface, low resource drain, playback of many file types, image capture, and there are other reasons I enjoy it also. 

Here are my questions and suggestions: 

1.  Is there an easy way to clear a playlist?  I only know how to remove items from the playlist one at a time with the delete key. 

2.  I have an All in Wonder Radeon 9700 card, but Media Player Classic doesnt seem to detect my cable TV tuner signal.   When I say Open Device, the little screen pops up telling me it recognizes ATI Rage Theater Video Capture and my Creative SB Audigy LS audio card.  But on the capture screen in the video area all I see is black (and yes, the video is set on tuner)  Tried tinkering with settings, but I get no audio or video. 

3.  I enjoy playing flash games that are on my hard drive.  I had to remap many of the player controls so they dont interfere with the games controls.  As a feature request, I suggest having a way to save and recall control mappings. 

4.  Since MPC doesnt come with a readme  what codecs are built in?  I realize QuickTime isnt  requires the player/codec.  Is divX or Flash?  I already have most/all of the codecs Ill need but I would like to know for reference. 

5.  I noticed it doesnt seem to play the file type from iTunes music  I think its m4p, some protected format?  Is there a way to get it to play it?