locking window size?

  • mikehende

    mikehende - 2006-07-10

    Got some videos that have poor quality. I did notice that by manually expanding the screen [MPC's window] both vertically and horizontally I can get it to a certain point, usually around 3/4 fullscreen, where it will still look good, problem is, when the next song plays the screen goes back to normal, is there a way I can lock the screen at the desired size and have it stay that way for all songs?

    • mikehende

      mikehende - 2006-07-10

      Getting lots of problems with this software trying to get it to stay at even the preset zoom [autofit]setting. If I import asome videos and choose the autofit or any zoom feature, even though I have checked "remember last window size" in Options, when the 2nd video starts it reverts back to default size.

        Also, 3 times now I have had a graphics problem with the error message

      "ialmrnt5 display driver has stopped working normally"

      I have never had any graphics problems with any other software, only MPC, any ideas please?

      • 7rym

        7rym - 2006-11-09

        If you check "Remember last windows size" under "Player" and check "Auto-zoom" to "Auto Fit" under the "Playback" tab, the windows keeps its size, and the videos scale to the window.

        I don't understand that this can be a problem?

        The player is totally flexible and does what it's told to in my mind...


    • murdo

      murdo - 2006-11-09

      Why are we being ignored on this? I too am getting sick of the player re-sizing to default size on playback of new file... I found the option "remember last window size" and it only works to a certain point... It still doesn't open the next media file the same size as before?!?!

    • Anarkhy

      Anarkhy - 2006-12-04

      it didnt work, the player always change to video aspect... i think its a bug

    • Anarkhy

      Anarkhy - 2006-12-04

      now i found if you uncheck the "auto zoom" box the window is saved correctly, and the player wont resize by itself


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