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Mpc Window Placement property

  • Ed7777

    Ed7777 - 2009-02-26

    2-19 pm  02-26-09

       Hi is it accepted knowledge that the LastWindowRect window placement method is proprietary to Gabest or Gulverski?

      I would like to know how the string of characters listed as the value of LastWindowRect in the mplayerc.ini file relates to a an absolute pixel screen position.

      The fact that it is obfuscated (to me) implies it is intentional.

       Next question:

       Will anyone that knows ....ever bother to reply to this post?

       Thanks in advance for a knowledged based answer.


    • Gabest

      Gabest - 2009-02-26

      It's the RECT structure, encodes four 32 bit integers.

      • Ed7777

        Ed7777 - 2009-03-02


           Thank you for the reply.

           Is is possible for me to assign a pixel top, top-left, geometry(x,y) for top left corner anything at all in code used in LastWindowRect?

           For e.g. I open the player, and move the window until it is in the upper-left most position on my screen. Video window is small say 320x240, and presets=minimal.

           Then I close the media player ..(it is set to send changes to the ini file). Opening the ini file I see that the LastWindowRect value has changed.

        It is now Now:


        So to me this is somehow associated with top = 0, and left = 0.

        It would be so helpfull to be able to put a value here that would place the media player where I want it ... if I were to distribute the player and ini file as a set for the ultimate user.

        Could you give me any leads? I am uncertain of how 32 bit integer applies.

        Thanks, Ed

    • Ed7777

      Ed7777 - 2009-03-03

        I want to add, that I have this kind of position control in the ini file of mplayer.exe (but not media player classic).

      I am looking to use a player that gives me position choice. I like mplayerc.exe better than mplayer.exe, I like the slidebar and everything.

      I just need to specify choices for the user in a customized ini file. If I cannot do this, I cannot utilize the player, if I can't utilize the player, I am not making a donation.

      I would gladly contribute for something I can use.


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