Why isn't there a Linux version of MPC?

  • sandorf

    sandorf - 2007-06-06

    I want to know what prevents porting MPC to Linux. I feel MPC is way better than MPlayer in its interface design and hot-key settings. I think MPlayer is awkward in these aspects. If ported to Linux, MPC will be undisputedly the best media player ever in the Linux world.

    I also want a music library feature in MPC. I'm a minimalist and I hope I can use MPC solely for all kinds of multimedia files. But the lack of a music library makes MPC a poor MP3 player. (I know I can use a playlist anyway, but the better way to listen to music is just to open your player, and select from what you've got, instead of loading a playlist.) Microsoft Media Player has a fair music library, but the player is too much packed with unnecessary fancy features and eye candies, and too resource inefficient.

    • Alvaro Segura

      Alvaro Segura - 2007-06-14

      While Gabest is too busy, let me suggest an answer :-)

      MPC relies on the DirectShow multimedia system found in Windows. MPC itself provides a bunch of decoding or demuxing filters (FLV, FLI, Matroska, MP4, Ogg, MPEG2, AAC,...), but many of the common formats are supported by already installed DirectShow filters. VLC or MPlayer (not sure about this one) provide all the decoding functionality, but MPC is mainly a great user interface and glue support for internal and external filters.

      In short, I think this is not an easy port, if at all possible. Maybe you want to port DirectShow to Linux :-)

      • Gabest

        Gabest - 2007-06-14

        Well, there is a c# rewrite of directshow in progress, which might be portable to mono in the future. It's very early to say anthing, it might not succeed at all if no one does codecs for it, but I'll port what I can from mpc's internal filters, those should be enough for a start.

    • JackieKu

      JackieKu - 2007-07-19

      It seems MPC also uses MFC(Microsoft Foundation Classes), this may cause MPC hard to port to other platforms.


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