heyjude85023 - 2007-06-15

i hate to double post but there doesn't seem to be much traffic in the mpc help forum so i thought i better post here too.

can more than one mpc playlist be created? if so, i can not figure out how. it took me several attempts to even figure out how to save ONE playlist because in the documentation for mpc it shows that individual playlists can be saved, but no where on my version of mpc can i find the same feature. in the documentation image it shows "save playlist..." but that is version my version is and no such feature exists. it says instead "save as". when i tried to save a playlist using that, it just would save individual video files. i finally managed to get the cursor to click in a tiny blank region of the playlist (at the very bottom under the last file in the list) and was able to save that playlist in the correct format.

the problem now is that is the only playlist i can save. i tried copying that playlist and then adding new files and changing the name but it just brings back the original list as soon as i try to open it again in mpc.

surely more than one playlist can be created and saved, but for the life of me i can not figure out how.

can some one out there please help?