Sir Thorn
  • Sir Thorn

    Sir Thorn - 2007-10-19

    I'm highly doubtful about this being legit, but you never know:

    • Tim

      Tim - 2007-10-19
      • Sir Thorn

        Sir Thorn - 2007-10-20

        I did. Read all those. Question still stands: Is it legit or not?

        • Alvaro Segura

          Alvaro Segura - 2007-10-22

          This update was made recently by another developer (clsid, IIRC) by applying some security and performance patches. IMHO, this action is a good thing, MPC was starting to get a bit outdated. He opened a separate project at sourceforge (guliverkly2) for these updates, while Gabest is too busy to apply them to his "official" version. Hopefully both will merge. (this reminds me what happened with ffdshow development freeze and ffdshow-tryouts continuing it.)

    • Anonymous - 2007-11-01

      I'd like to ask some help sorting out the two out there.  One is listed as a beta and one not (link in this thread).  The beta is at Normally, I'd go with what one assumes to be a final version.  But in this case the beta lists the developer as gabest, who has been involved all along, while the non-beta link doesn't give a developer; the file sizes are vastly different, and so are the changelogs.  Moreover, the beta date is three days later than the non-beta!  Could someone please help sort this out?  Thanks.

    • Anonymous - 2007-11-01

      Hmmm, I just looked at the installed version of from the free-codecs site, which according to this thread was updated by another developer, but it still shows Gabest as the developer.  Courtesy?

    • Alvaro Segura

      Alvaro Segura - 2007-11-04

      You can see an explanation of in this thread in doom9's forum. Developer clsid tells the patches he applied and the new default settings:

      However he seems to be also very busy (as gabest) and will not update it often, if at all. Anyway he opened this project at sourceforge to host it. And he left the original author's name in the credits, of course (I would have done the same):

      But, don't expect much movement in this project, as the author said.

      Good work Gabest! and good work Clsid!

    • xiptron

      xiptron - 2009-06-13

      Here here! Gabests ver Rulz! My only wish is for a future option to start via a serial-port command. Perhaps just a simple DSR? That wouldn't be too hard would it guys..huh..huh???

  • winfield brackeen

    Caution! One version of the player has a link to a  home page, (, which seems to have been taken over by a malicious owner now. I've tried to contact "Gabest", but i think that he/she/ is long gone or something. I've also tried to email the admin here, but haven't been successful so far. The website advisor, "Web Of Trust" has reported that the home page of is malicious. Can we remove that particular version or change the malicious home page in the download? 


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