2 Monitors (1 control & 1 large screen)

  • SteveS

    SteveS - 2006-07-10

    I’ve used MPC for about three years now on my primary PC to play DVDs, home movies, AVIs, etc. etc.  It's really good.

    I have just built a TV room media PC with two monitors, one small one next to me on the side table with keyboard & mouse to control everything and one large widescreen DVI LCD on the wall. 

    My question is: because the display size of the  widescreen is 1920x1080, the controls and fonts are very small.  So, I use the small display to control everything. 

    One problem, I have to drag the media player over to the big screen when I start a movie.  Is there any way to play the full screen movie video on the big screen and keep the controls on the small screen?

    • John Barth

      John Barth - 2006-07-22

      I do the same thing and wish there was a way to have the control on one screen and display on the other, but I don't think it's possible.

      assuming you use the small display as primary monitor, what you CAN do is click on MPC in the taskbar to make it the active window.  Then any keystroke you hit will be sent to MPC and you can do rudimentary controls that way.  select View | optons / Keys and assign keystroke to commands you use most often.

      • SteveS

        SteveS - 2006-07-23


        I found a way to make this to happen.

        If you have a Radeon Video card, you set the secondary display to show only the video overlay (set it to Theater mode).  Then when you play the video on the primary screen, it will show in a small window but also show full screen on the second large monitor. 

        This is necessary because when you play DVDs, you have to be able to see the DVD menu icons to be able to place the mouse pointer over them and press them.  The mouse can’t be seen on the second monitor because it is in overlay mode. 

        I don’t know how to set this up on an Nvidia video card.  But I understand they also have this capability.

        It seems to work with all applications that play video using an overlay.

    • Brian T Raker

      Brian T Raker - 2007-05-02

      What you can do is have the MPC video output on the large display (as you currently do), allow MPC to start it's internal webserver, then load up a webbrowser pointed to http://localhost:13579 in your favorite webbrowser.  The default control page provided by chobits or the graphical one (new to, last I saw) should work OK in your smaller secondary display.

      I do this normally (MPC in the secondary display / TV) and my PDA's browser pointed to the MPC webserver.  Works great most of the time.


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