Wvlle - 2006-10-21

When I open my 'ATI T200 AVstream analog capture' via the open device menu it works somewhat but the resolution is 720x240, thich is not only half-height but not even my PAL halfheight but NTSC halfheight even though I specify PAL in the opendevice menu.
When I use the filtermenu to check the ATI pin settings it report a resolution of '720x576@25FPS' but when I check the smarttee(video) pin it says "720x240@59.94fps"
Now the ATI driver for video-in has this behaviour in other programs too where it initially get to weird values but then I can change them with the ATI pin settings, however not only does the pin present normal values but also trying to change them fails with an 'error connecting', possibly because preview is running, and when I stop 'play' and try to change it it report on EVERY resolution option 'format currently not available'.
Not sure if MPC can be changed for this to work but I have other applictaions like VirtualVCR that do work with the ATI driver so there must be a way.
Either way this is merely an informative report.