Hi, I recently received three TS files in SBTVD format and tried to play them with MPC with partial success. The video was sort of jerky and the audio didn't play (it was also incorrectly identified).

SBTVD is a new standard for Digital Terrestrial Television in Brazil, and it is based in ISDB-T from Japan, so it's not DVB nor ATSC. The container is MPEG-2 Transport Stream, but the main video is H.264 1080i HD and the audio is AAC. The same stream might contain another program with the same content for mobiles, using H.264 baseline profile.

I tested these files with practically all playout softwares in the market, but none could play them quite right. The best one was Arcsoft's TotalMedia Theatre, mainly because of it's demuxer. Apart from other filters, I could change from the HD program to the mobile program in Arcsoft's demuxer inside Graphedit. this didn't solve my audio problems for the HD stream. I was able to play the mobile content this way, and strangely, the AAC audio for this one played without any issues.
I also tried Haali Medi Splitter with MPC, but again, no success...

I also used a free tool called MediaInfo that showed me the streams inside the video content.

Anyway since the standard is new and there ain't a lot of available content using this format out there, I'm making these three files available for download (link and login details below), for debbuging and analyze purposes. Perhaps I might hope to see MPC able to play these in the near future.

link: www.cbclip.com.br/Manhattan
Username: Manhattan
Password: M4nh4tt4n