Better performance then VLC. Why?

  • Dave

    Dave - 2007-03-11

    I have used MPC and VLC many times for playing DivX/Xvid movies without any problems. However, playing .vob movies (not encrypted) at the same resolution plays the video somewhat choppy in VLC, yet MPC plays it perfectly well without any problems.

    So this thread is not a problem to do with MPC. The purpose of this thread is for myself to get a better understanding as to why MPC performs better then VLC.

    Does this have to do with the fact that MPC is a DirectShow media player and VLC is not?

    Does MPC make use of hardware acceleration and VLC does not?

    I typically prefer VLC, but performance is an important factor for me and will likely stick with MPC. I'm just trying to understand why one performs so much better then the other.

    Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


    • Wvlle

      Wvlle - 2007-04-13

      VLC uses its own decoder yes, based on the linux projects dealing with decoding media, and MPC uses whatever you select and is installed in windows.
      However, VLC has many options and also supports a certain amount of hardware assistance, and even has the capability to use some other codecs than its own, but that's best discussed on the VLC forums on or by consulting their wiki


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