Anonymous - 2006-11-05

I have MPC set to play movies over and over again indefinitely.  So when I download a short movie clip via Firefox, and it automatically starts playing in MPC, it will keep playing over and over again until I manually stop it.

If I already have a movie playing in MPC, and then download another movie for it to start playing, it will usually stop the current movie and start the new movie since I have "Use the same player for each media file" selected.  This is just the way I want it.

However, a problem occurs when the just downloaded movie starts playing at just the same time as the previous movie starts replaying.  When this happens, the new movie does not start, and the previous one does not replay.  MPC just hangs up.  I have to click on the "X", and then it says "MPC has stopped responding".  I can then force it to be killed.  If I then click on the movie link in Firefox again, it will start right up and play the new movie.

So I think the problem is when it tries to start playing two movies at the same time, it hits a race condition which causes MPC to hang up.

I am using MPC, but this problem has been occurring for every release I have used going back a while.

Is there anything I can do to workaround this problem, or is there a chance this could be fixed in a future release?