x9A3A8x - 2007-01-18

I consider the Media Player Classic program to be one of the best Video Players Programs, for as long as I use it.
As it is known all the VGA (CRT/TFT) monitors are high definition monitors (they depict details). However, the video files we usually watch on the high definition monitors VGA (CRT/TFT) and not on a usual CRT T.V. are not always of the best quality and best definition as it happens with DVDs and so there are defects /noises.
I would like to suggest you that the defects/noises in the high definition monitors VGA (CRT/TFT) could disappear by using the filtering technology of the picture (screen) usually used in Emulators programs and which leads to the blurring of the picture. I believe that Media Player Classic program would be unique, if the above-mentioned filtering technology could be added in it.