Separate controls and video window option

  • Yerb

    Yerb - 2011-08-13


    I am using MPC for public screenings and the normal setup would be laptop with a projector as exteranal display via extended desktop. It is nice that I can set the "DISPLAY2" for full screen and separate the playlist from the video window which gives me some control of the content. Is it possible to add an option for play controls to be separated so that I can still use the seek bar and all the menus on "DISPLAY1". If this feature is implemented MPC would be the best tool for public screenings. Can it be done?

  • BrunoJ

    BrunoJ - 2011-08-22

    It sounds like you could use a remote control through the web interface.  If you deploy the web interface from within the options and then use a browser on your computer to open page you will see what I mean.  I noticed a few errors with the DVD control commands in V1.5.2.3456 and will be submitting an error report, but if you only want to play video files that will not affect you.

    I am also writing my own DVD remote control that will present control features in a much cleaner fashion.  Watch for its release soon.


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