John - 2010-07-24

I ripped a music CD to .wav files using EAC V0.99 prebeta 5 and used the EAC guides found at blowfish to configure EAC to create an M3U file as part of the ripping process. Afterwards, I chose the M3U file to listen to the tracks.  IIRC, between track 3 and 4, MPC crashed to desktop.   Right before MPC crashed, I heard what sounded like a loud screech. Then it died to be replaced by a Microsoft's window asking if I want to report the problem.  The EAC log file indicated that the ripping process was OK.

Next, I listened to those tracks one at a time to see if there was a problem, but there wasn't.

Then next I installed VLC 1.0.5 Goldeneye to test the M3U file.  There was no problem.

Last, I deleted my first rip and ripped the music CD again to try to fix my problem.  However, nothing changed  MPC chokes on the M3U. file but can play the wav files one a time.  VLC can play both the M3U file and the individual wav files.

Any suggestions as to what my problem is and how I might fix it?

This is the first time I've run into this type of problem (used MPC for a number of years now), and would like to at least understand why it's happening.