#745 Buffering Problem with FLVSplitter


I'm not sure it's FLVSplitter's fault, but I've found that when attempting to stream an FLV file from a website (such as Youtube) using both FLVSplitter and FFDShow, there are some major problems with buffering the data.

In fact, the video will not properly start playing until it has completely downloaded in the background.

Visually, you see a single frame and a fragment of audio, then it begins to buffer again. This continues, with a new frame appearing every 5-15 seconds, until all of a sudden the playback smooths out.

Do you have any idea what could be causing a problem like this?


  • Steve Harding

    Steve Harding - 2007-10-23
    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Shinobu Maehara

    Shinobu Maehara - 2010-06-22

    I'm experiencing trouble with streamed flv too, although not quite the same symptoms.
    When I use a userscript to let Windows Media Player (with FLV Splitter and FFDShow) play a YouTube video instead of the Flash player, the video first stays black for a few moments (but I assume that's okay, the Flash player wouldn't start immediately either, maybe it's just buffering) and then the video starts playing normally, but the position control doesn't work. It doesn't show how much of the file is buffered, and clicking the position control to seek to a location in the file has no effect. I just discovered that this may also be true for downloaded flv files in some cases, although not in all cases.
    If anyone can give me any help in further diagnosing the problem, I'd appreciate it. Is this a related problem?
    I'm using FLV Splitter by Gabest with FFDShow Tryouts 3154.
    The code I inject in the YouTube page looks like:
    <EMBED type='application/x-mplayer2' width='<w>' height='<h>' src='http://youtube.com/get_video?video_id=<v>&t=<t>=' autostart='true' autosize='-1' displaysize='4'></EMBED>


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