#718 Windows crashes when minimizing all windows


Yesterday this happened to me twice. MPC had one menu open. Then I minimized all windows with windows-button+M combination and Windows crashed and I had to reboot. I was quite surprised and wasn't sure what caused that. Then I did the same thing and Windows crashed again.

I'm using Windows 98SE and MPC version is


  • yimanya

    yimanya - 2007-04-21
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  • Rekrul

    Rekrul - 2007-04-26

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    Just tried this and it doesn't happen here with 98SE, using either or Maybe you have some Desktop utility running that affects the way Windows minimizes all windows?

    Also, probably won't make a difference, but you can try Windows-Key + D, which does the same thing, but is a toggle and will restore all windows when you press it a second time. Actually, I think it's the shortcut for "Display dektop".

  • Postmark

    Postmark - 2007-06-14

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    Does not reproduce on Vista (Home Pro, 64 bit) MPC Attempted using Windows-D and Windows-M. Worked with both dialogs, forms, and accelerator menus. Same for XP SP2 -- no crash. Don't have a 98SE box to validate against.

    If this is happening still, please include info about what menu was open and your video card/number of desktops, etc.


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