#704 MPC cannot play while filename has chinese


If I open the file if filename or folder name has has chinese charactor. (or japanese charactor or any other asian charactor) MPC will give me a requested file not found error message. It only happen with some media codec like rm, rmvb. AVI works fine. My windows system is english and with english as non-unicode. Any solution to that? I don't want to change my system to Chinese non-unicode. I am sure the filename is unicode.

This problem accurs since MPC has been made. Still don't see any solution or fix. Windows Media Player, and all other famous player don't have this problem. So I think it's time to get it fixed.

Both filename and folder name, has Chinese character, have this problem.

Example 1:
And folder name problem occurs at any level of directory. Which means happen both in:
1. C:\sample\[Chinese_name]\media.rm
2. C:\[Chinese_name]\sample\media.rm

Example 2:
Also happen in filename has Chinese charactor.


  • GLadiac

    GLadiac - 2007-02-24

    A screenshot of error message if folder name has Chinese

  • JackieKu

    JackieKu - 2007-03-30

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    Originator: NO

    Are you sure you are using Unicode build of MPC?


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