#513 Video freeze

v1.0 (example)

I had the following problem in playing wmv files from
a certain source. The wmv files allow seek and do not
have any errorneous frames (confirmed). In fact, other
players (wmp/winamp/vlc) render it fine.

When I play the file and switch to full screen and
switch back to normal mode, the video freezes on the
last frame (seen in full screen mode) while the audio
continues as normal. Seeking the file allows normal
seek on the audio while the video is still stuck on
that frame. Stopping and playing the file doesn't work.
I have to close and reopen the player for the file to
play again.

Anyone else with any similar problems.

Please suggest a fix.


  • klei

    klei - 2005-12-14

    Logged In: YES

    Maybe this is caused by the "WM ASF Reader". You can find
    this option in View\Options\Tweaks\"Use the WM ASF Reader..."

    Try to enable then disable this setting to see if there is a
    difference or not.

    If this will not fix the problem, then try to install WMP10
    to your PC as it will install the latest WMV codecs as well,
    then try out the files in MPC again.

    Hope this will help. If not, please tell me, as this can be
    a bug in MPC too. Thanks...

  • Ripper

    Ripper - 2006-05-13

    Logged In: YES

    I have the same problem for a long time.
    I tried enabling/disabling WM ASF Reader, I have WMP 10 with
    latest codecs, I have MPC and WinXP SP2.
    In many WM videos, especially streams or HD WMV, video
    stucks when switching to/from fullscreen, audio is ok.
    Restart of MPC needed.

    You can try it here:

    Just a few times switch fullscreen, for me it stucks everytime.

    It is very annoying, I have to use other player for many
    videos, please fix it...

  • knockout

    knockout - 2006-05-13

    Logged In: YES

    Doesn't help.

    Was already using WMP10 with latest codecs. Seems to be a
    problem in MPC.


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