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GCC bug 57915 fixed

The GCC bug:
has been fixed, thanks to everyone involved.
Gujin will now be able to be compiled again with the latest GCC version.

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2014-02-11

2.8.7 released

- fix German message, thanks to Jörg Jenderek.
- Gujin installer now search /etc/sysconfig/keyboard to detect default keyboard (Suse)
- Better detection of filesystem label for gujin.cmd 1st parameter (Suse)
- Display an error if pressing something else than +/- for timezone adjustment (wrong kbd)
- Display Language and keyboard in main menu, instead of only language
- Do not overwrite references in boot.ld (NOCROSSREF,\)
- Undo the boot-info-table patch in gujin.bcd before analysing its content (gujin --report)
- Do not "remove --hpcompaqbug patch" on Grub (same signature) for gujin --report
- Make it clear that "gujin --report" analyse the boot sector of the partition containning
the file given as parameter (if the file is smaller than 640 Kb, as man page says).

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2013-01-09

2.8.6 released

- Fix a bug in _BIOSDISK_gettype() about disk detection by BIOS 0x13/0x15 service
- When creating /boot/gujin.cmd, the kernel file name is terminated by * after the first dot and minus
- The BIOS status of last disk/disquette operation was not updated correctly when access was successfull
- It is now possible to auto-boot the last kernel after forbidding Gujin to write the disks
- If auto-boot timeout is set and no kernel was stored (Gujin write to disk disabled), latest kernel is booted
- On Debian, the installer is compiled with the "dpkg-buildflags" parameters

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2012-10-10

2.8.5 released

This release fixes quite a lot of bugs, if you still find more bug please report them...
Here is the changelog:
- Fix (error loading file 0x3401) loading kernel on highly fragmented ext2 partitions
- Fix a bug when /boot/gujin.ebios created not contiguous (hdparm --fibmap /boot/gujin.ebios),
and enable uninstalling those not contigous files (happens on highly fragmented 1024 bytes
block ext2 partitions)
- Fix a problem when MBR has 0x29 signature but invalid bytes/sectors
- Fix a bug where /boot directories were not probed on FAT (directory entries contains null size on FAT)
- Fix an optimisation problem when saving Gujin parameters
- Behaves better when partitions do not have a label, use PBR label or Gujin "part n"
- no more compile with "-funsigned-char", fix bugs about mixed sector sizes in iso images
(loading kernel on 512 bytes/sector FAT filesystem written on a CDROM)
- add "relro" linker flags for the installer
- Re-enable PCI I/O space of PCI IDEs if disabled by BIOS (when BIOS finds no disk)
- fix possible problem with BIOS disk nb_heads=256
- if star in displayed field of gujin.cmd, version is displayed and now ending "-pae" part of version
- add docs for changing Linux parameter by Shift-Fn or Shift-mouse, and Control-Break behaviour
- add probing for /sys/block/sr[0-9] for "gujin --report-signature"
- update to support PCI BIOS v3.0+ which is not fully backward compatible, and use VirtualBox bug.
- Fix to handle older HP BIOS bugs
- update GPG signature, add new encryption/signature subkeys

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2012-02-08

2.8.4 released

Mostly fixing bug, few new features (but compilation with gcc-4.6.*):
- Fix Shift-F1 to edit command line like Shift-F2..Shift-F12
- Fix a problem with showmap.c for files beginning with a hole
- improve the --report-signature option of the installer
- add file to show the El-Torito noemul signature (same as --report-signature with dash)
- Also probe PCI subclass 0x06 to find SATA disks (pci_subclass_array), new HP PCI BIOS fully broken?
- Fails VESA linear when 4Gb segment in real mode do not work (VirtualBox)
- Ask the Extended disk BIOS to program the maximum transfert speed.
- Fix compile warnings/errors on GCC-4.6.0 and workaround a bug (id=48517) in that compiler
- Display v2.8.4 instead of v2.84
- Break the MBR boot block format (insert 0xBEFC1F signature at 0xB) to stop "HP Compaq 8000 Elite"
crash if --hpcompaqbug parameter given ("HP Compaq 8000 Elite" PC automatically detected, parameter forced);
obviously that PC cannot boot superfloppy.

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2011-06-29

Working patch for Ubuntu

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2011-06-07

Working patch for debian-live

Sent a working patch to fully boot debian-live iso file:

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2011-03-18

debian live message

Sent a message to their list on starting an iso image without user intervention:
Still some work needed (busybox to include hexdump), no response to the thread until now.

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2011-02-02

2.8.3 released

The major technical improvement is in the removal of the hard coded
sector size (512 for HD, 2048 for CDROM); Gujin can be installed
on devices with 512/1024/2048/4096 bytes per sectors, it can boot from
such devices (when the BIOS support it), and it can chain-boot such
devices by simulating a BIOS disk with those sector sizes, from a
disk content stored on standard hard disk or CDROM.
See the Makefile target "boothdimg" to test yourself.... read more

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2010-12-08

Release 2.8.2

This version fixes a lot of bugs, enables to review/edit the final

command line by pressing Shift when selecting a kernel, recognizes

the Rock Ridge extension on ISO9660 (filenames), and can boot

more unmodified live CDROM images stored in the /boot directory

(tested with NimbleX, sidux, Elive, Ubuntu, eeebuntu, Linux Mint)

with the help of a simple file named "gujin.cmd".
For more info, see the changelog in the source archive.

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2010-06-16

Feedback welcome.

Added on gujin-users (at a message to welcome feedback, even for people who do not want to subscribe to

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2010-05-13

uploaded V2.8.1 to correct few bugs

- Fix a regression when booting Windows if it is not on BIOS disk 0x80 (BIOS disk swapping TSR)
- Change size of premade USB sticks to have a total number of sector multiple of sector/track
- Uses copy_gujin_param structure instead of gujin_param in the code segment
- Accept IDE disks with sector size != 512 (not tested, lack of hardware)
- Uses a bigger filesystem when transforming an iso image to write it on a USB stick
- Installer try to detect the keyboard mapping, timezone and language automatically
- Increase the max number of fragments of an emulated disk to 128
- Fix a bug in gujin.cmd so that FS label "abc" do not match pattern "ab"
- Fix a bug to detect the label of the root partition
- Accept to read 0xFF in the FAT header instead of 0x0F

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2010-03-03

New version 2.8

There is a new version v2.8 of the Gujin bootloader at with bugfixes and improvements, and
Debian/Fedora packages for easy installation on i386/amd64 PC.
The Debian package can be installed on Ubuntu and the
Fedora package can be installed on Mandriva, those
packages have very few dependencies.

The main improvements are in the handling of languages,
Linux command line parameters description in /boot/gujin.cmd,
GPT partition tables, and handling of file images like iso images.... read more

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2010-02-21