2.8.5 released

This release fixes quite a lot of bugs, if you still find more bug please report them...
Here is the changelog:
- Fix (error loading file 0x3401) loading kernel on highly fragmented ext2 partitions
- Fix a bug when /boot/gujin.ebios created not contiguous (hdparm --fibmap /boot/gujin.ebios),
and enable uninstalling those not contigous files (happens on highly fragmented 1024 bytes
block ext2 partitions)
- Fix a problem when MBR has 0x29 signature but invalid bytes/sectors
- Fix a bug where /boot directories were not probed on FAT (directory entries contains null size on FAT)
- Fix an optimisation problem when saving Gujin parameters
- Behaves better when partitions do not have a label, use PBR label or Gujin "part n"
- no more compile with "-funsigned-char", fix bugs about mixed sector sizes in iso images
(loading kernel on 512 bytes/sector FAT filesystem written on a CDROM)
- add "relro" linker flags for the installer
- Re-enable PCI I/O space of PCI IDEs if disabled by BIOS (when BIOS finds no disk)
- fix possible problem with BIOS disk nb_heads=256
- if star in displayed field of gujin.cmd, version is displayed and now ending "-pae" part of version
- add docs for changing Linux parameter by Shift-Fn or Shift-mouse, and Control-Break behaviour
- add probing for /sys/block/sr[0-9] for "gujin --report-signature"
- update to support PCI BIOS v3.0+ which is not fully backward compatible, and use VirtualBox bug.
- Fix to handle older HP BIOS bugs
- update GPG signature, add new encryption/signature subkeys

Posted by Etienne LORRAIN 2012-02-08

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