Hello Jörg,

> When i try to use  a command like "LANG=de ./gujin -w" 

LANG defines the display language used, but it is not always possible to deduce the keyboard used from that...

> Instead information about keyboard type is stored in the file /etc/sysconfig/keyboard with content like:

I am not a Suse user, but I made a patch to my development version to support that.

I do not really have a lot of contributions on Gujin so do not maintain an external repository system, and I like to read twice (or more) the total patch before releasing a new version,
but I could probably send the total patch / a temporary executable if you need.

> Hope my annotations can be applied in newer versions of gujin.

It is already in my development version.

From your previous messages:

> I used gujin to produce some example files *.bcd and *.pic.
> when i try "./gujin --verbose --report " on that files the program
> recognised nothing and the last error message is " (Not a Gujin bootloader?)" .

It is because in most cases "./gujin --report filename" reports data about the bootloader of the disk which contains the filename given, and if that Gujin bootloader will load the file specified
(or if that file is not related, whatever its name).
I made a patch to display that "./gujin --report" loads the first sector of the disk.

> The Program should recognise that the stage1 boot loader is there and display
> the contained information and mention that stage 2 boot loader is missing.

I still did not do anything about it, still need to decide.

>  "set time offset" by pressing  my "+" or "-" key,

I need also more time to find a simple way to display keyboard, or have a default keyboard
linked to the language, or something else.

> i try to identify gujin boot loader files (especially in a form suited for the file command).

Could you explain why you are trying to do that, a bit of context?
Some Gujin file are difficult to recognise (mostly gujin.bcd) because Linux tools building
bootable ISO images will overwrite the first 64 bytes (search "Exact mapping of mkisofs"
in boot.c) and so the installer do not try to fill that region.
Also some HP BIOS recognise the hexadecimal values at offset 0xC in the MBR to decide
if the disk is bootable (they shall be those of Microsoft MBR)...

As I said I am a bit busy, but new Gujin version will come...