On 16 Feb 2009 at 0:59, jmataz@tmo.blackberry.net wrote:
> I am using this program which is supposed to be able to boot a Unix
> kernel image/OS on hard disc from a floppy disc.  I tried the
> instructions detailed for the install, creating a Dos boot disc, and
> adding files, then from the Dos prompt using Tiny.exe the location of
> the image vmlinuz and the ram disk image initrd.gz and the root device
> partition but the program cannot find the image files.  What files
> need to be added to the Dos boot disc in order to boot the Unix OS?

 Not knowing the exact error message does not help, but you may
have used too long filenames for the kernel and the initrd (Gujin/tiny.exe
could use more than 8+3 filenames but because DOS would refuse to
open those files with too long name it would not work anyway).
 Try renaming those file with 8+3 letters convention, and also check
you are using the latest version of Gujin/tiny.exe (at sourceforge.net)
 Gujin does not need more files than the bare DOS, i.e. if you have
a DOS prompt before running tiny.exe, it should work. Check that
you can see the kernel/initrd files by typing "dir".
 It would help to know which version of DOS you are using.
 Obviously the DOS operating system should be correctly installed so
that it is started, you can't just copy IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS,
COMMAND.COM to a floppy to start DOS, you have to use format /S
from a DOS prompt - but that does not seem to be your problem.

 If you do not need DOS at all, I would advise you to try the direct
version of the bootloader: get file "boot.144" from sourceforge/gujin
in install.tar.gz and type in a shell:
umount /dev/fd0
cat boot.144 > /dev/fd0
 and reboot with this floppy disk inserted. It should work without
problem, as long as your floppy has no bad sectors.