Weird display after boot

  • kozimodo

    kozimodo - 2009-05-03

    I have an old thinkpad 560e and after booting gujin, the first screen looks just fine.  But once it is finished with the initialization, the display becomes weird and crazy.  I can read some of it but it is hard to do much more than that.  Is there another version that uses a more primitive display?  (console in linux terminology)

    • Etienne LORRAIN

      Etienne LORRAIN - 2009-05-04

      If the display is correct on the first page, until the disks are correctly probed, but goes "crasy" on the kernel selection page - it is probably due to a problem about the video mode automatically selected by Gujin.
      I would advise to try selecting another video mode (by pressing either TAB, +/- or *//) while on the screen with the "crasy" display.
      The selected video mode is saved in between reboot if Gujin is allowed to write to disks (one of the tick box in the setup menu).
      You could also force the text mode by pressing the control key (alone) while the two very first lines are displayed by Gujin, or by pressing the "dot" key while in the second page.
      If Gujin was working with the previous versions, I have found a bug with only 2.5 which will be corrected in 2.6. It is related to VESA1 graphic card, and Gujin will work if you uncheck the checkbox "enable_VESA_hardwin".
      Please tell me if that fixes your problem.


      • kozimodo

        kozimodo - 2009-05-04

        Thanks, text mode worked great!  From text mode it was easier to see what was going on and I could move to a graphical display that kind of, but not quite, worked.  In any case, I am more than happy with text mode.


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