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law man
  • law man

    law man - 2008-05-01

    can gujin show the grub menu consistently?

    i've tried installing grub on the mbr and other times on the root partition.

    gujin hasn't shown me the grub from the root ever.  sometimes - not always - it shows me the grub menu item from the mbr.

    not sure what is happening here.


    • Etienne LORRAIN

      Etienne LORRAIN - 2008-05-01

      Gujin will hide the MBR boot records depending on the "search disk's MBR" tickbox
      in its menu (default to hide).
      Gujin will by default search Partition Boot Record controlled by the tickbox
      "search partition's PBR", that is the only way to boot DOS/Window.
      Gujin will select the partition boot records to show, by default only the
      DOS/windows ones, you can force all of them to be shown in the menu by checking
      the tickbox "keep all partition's PBR".
      If a DOS/windows boot record is in a FAT partition, Gujin checks that the filesystem
      contains file IO.SYS or MSDOS.SYS because of the usual 2 Hard Disk windows configuration
      where the second Hard Disk is not bootable because it has only one FAT partition
      without file IO.SYS.
      For instance, when the boot sector is obviously not bootable (extended partition
      boot record have the 0xAA55 signature but most of the time empty code), it is by
      default not shown in the menu.
      The recognition of the bootloader (LILO, GRUB, DOS...) works but because Grub
      does not have a fixed signature, it may be displayed as unknown.

      Does that explain what you are seeing?


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