I will try to watch this forum

  • Etienne LORRAIN

    Etienne LORRAIN - 2000-12-15

    I did not write everything in the README file,
    I'll be happy to reply to any general question
    in this forum.


  • Philip Gallagher

    Please could you let me know how to fix the following problem?

    I have got the error "Warning the disk  has two partitions with the same name 'part 1'" for both of my physical drives.

    How do I go about fixing this? I haven't seen 'Part 1' as any label for my partitions. I have XP on one physical disk which doesn't want to boot. Done all the usual steps so I am investigating the situation with Gujin. Well done on such a versatile program btw.

    I have a bit of an unusual setup which I haven't bothered going into! Also when I was downloading the 'instal' package  it seemed to have an error. The debian one I was going for (on the 64 bit Linux Mint) seemed to have  a zero file size and some kind of archive error, so I went for the older one which installed to Mint 9  (64 bit).

    Thanks in advance for any help. I am not a complete newb but still quite weak at working without a GUI (althogh I am dipping my toes into command line stuff!)


  • Etienne LORRAIN

    Etienne LORRAIN - 2010-08-23

    Thanks for telling me that gujin64 in install is an empty file, I did not noticed, I will regenerate and fix it tonight.
    Basically, you seem to have two partitions which are not recognized by Gujin, so they get the default name "part" followed by a number. It would be the case if you have two NTFS on two different disks as first partition.
    It is not a real problem (just a warning), having two partitions with the same name will only cause problem when booting Linux with the "root=LABEL=<partition label>" option - next Gujin version will be silenced if the partition name is the default.
    Unfortunately, I do not know what is the problem with your XP, it is not related with this "partition label" warning.



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