gujin in Debian?

  • David Liontooth

    David Liontooth - 2006-01-04

    This looks like a completed project -- why don't we have a Debian package? Can gujin be used as a dropin replacement for grub or lilo?


    • Etienne LORRAIN

      Etienne LORRAIN - 2006-01-05

      The main reason why there still isn't any package is that I always have multiple Linux distribution on my PC, with multiple package management systems - or different version of them - and Gujin is usually installed before I install any package manager.

        The way I use Gujin, installed at the end of the disk in an IDE HPA protected area, there may not even exist one single file in the filesystem linked to Gujin - usually only one of my Linux distribution has the source code and the Gujin installer itself.

        Do you need a package which manages no file at all? What to do when you try to remove the package, try to upgrade or downgrade it?
      What to do when you try to inquire the version of the package?
      Maybe it is possible to have a package which only contains the installer and the few precompiled bootloader files to be installed.

        Note that it may change a bit when I release Gujin v1.3 which will also be able to have the secondary bootloader (the Gujin part which is not in the MBR) on a E2/3FS filesystem (more exactly any filesystem implementing IOCTLs FIGETBSZ, FIBMAP and HDIO_GETGEO[_BIG]), so that there is at least one file in the root filesystem - but that will not be the really preferred method with people using tools to move/resize partition on the disk.

        Another reason is that I do not really have the time to learn how to do a package like this -my todo list is very long... note that Gujin cannot be compiled with GCC-4.* right now.


    • Etienne LORRAIN

      Etienne LORRAIN - 2006-01-23

      Will have to wait a bit more for this feature, having the second stage loader on a filesystem supporting those IOCTL - was not ready for v1.3



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