boot Nimblex from ISO

  • Benny

    Benny - 2010-03-05

    similar to Elive NimbleX-2008.iso  can be booted successfully booted with Gujin

    1) Installed gujin on  my pendrive.
    2) downloaded NimbleX-2008.iso
    3) fired El-Torito label
    4) added on the NimbleX boot menu "from=NimbleX-2008.iso"

  • Etienne LORRAIN

    Etienne LORRAIN - 2010-06-16

    Now with 2.8.2, NimbleX can be booted as soon as nmible*.iso is found, just add to one gujin.cmd:
    # File NimbleX-2008.iso fsname "NimbleX" internal directory "/boot"
    :NimbleX:vmlinuz-nx08:initrd-nx08.gz::NimbleX 2008 - Boot in KDE:ramdisk_size=7120 root=/dev/ram0 rw splash=silent autoexec=startx

    # File NimbleX-2010.iso fsname "NimbleX" internal directory "/boot"
    :NimbleX:vmlinuz-nx10:initrd-nx10.gz::NimbleX 2010 - Boot in KDE:ramdisk_size=7000 root=/dev/ram0 rw autoexec=startx


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