law man
  • law man

    law man - 2008-09-13


    i'm trying to move away from linux to bsd, as i find linux crashes a lot more than i first thought it would.

    pcbsd or desktopbsd don't seem to boot at all from a partition.

    have you ever found a way of getting bsd to boot from a partition?


    • Etienne LORRAIN

      Etienne LORRAIN - 2008-09-16

      I am not sure pcbsd or desktopbsd can be run even from a real CDROM when started by Gujin (installed on floppy/hd), last time I tried CDROM bootable NetBSD there was a problem and I did not have enough time to debug.
      The problem is that I have a lot of real work these days (currently in Asia, far away from home in UK), and bug reports like "it doesn't work" are a lot less usefull than "the BIOS service 0xxx is called and fails so the BSD boot procedure cannot complete".



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