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Posted by Karim 2006-04-16

kuroo 0.71.0

See changelog for details. Small bugfixes.
Portage view: Mark package as installed even when the version is not available in Portage.
Secure setup: fixed permissions portage:portage.
Kuroo home moved to /var/cache/kuroo.

Posted by Karim 2005-11-23


Removing Disk Usage widget.
Splitting Kuroo: Gentoo watcher moves to separate package.
Kuroo require user to be in portage group.
Emerge output: more information when dealing with masked packages.
Added fix to better collect emerge messages from ewarn and einfo.
Emerged packages are added to world not their dependencies, since "emerge =pkg-x.y.z" is not doing that.
Added German translation po-files.
Added progress when kuroo is busy like for example checking updates or syncing.
Updating SQLite from 3.2.0 to 3.2.2.
Portage scanning sequence changed: updating cache first then refreshing portage view. (Was done in parallel before.)
Added progress when emerging packages based on total duration in Queue.
Moved editing use flags for package to dialog in "Portage".

Posted by Karim 2005-10-28

kuroo-0.70.1 with bugfixes

See changelog!

Posted by Karim 2005-09-12

0.70.0 is released!

Plz see changelog for details. Includes bugfixes since rc3.

Posted by Karim 2005-09-09

kuroo-0.60.0 - etc-update using frontend

Fixed auto unmask bug.
Packages files content in settings are now sorted alfabetically.
Added icon for mased package in Installed.
Disabled "Append to queue" and "Install now" for package without version, works only for ebuilds.
Fixed wrong package info: now check first in /usr/portage/metadata/cache first.
"View summary" in "Updates" now gotos "Installed" packages.
Fixed esearch bug.
Fixed wrong latest package in Installed for packages in overlay.
Update etc-files with external diff frontend like Kompare or Kdiff3 (etc-update) with warnings.
Full emerge log with emerge duration (time) based on output from genlop.
Emerge time approximation which is an average based from entries in the emerge log.
Package dependency check using equery.
Added "dark" icon for masked ebuild.
Threads are faster with higher priority.
Input field for advanced emerge options.
New backup directory /tmp/kuroo/backup.
Emerge time and packages sizes are totalized in Installation tab.
Output in "Kuroo Log" includes more text from emerge log.
Package view is restored in Update package = top listviews in Updates tab.
Package list is also restored in results listview.

Posted by Karim 2005-04-06

kuroo-0.54.0 with gui redesign

Added size and description to all listviews
Fixed bug when kuroo is eating \ when saving back to make.conf
Added new icon for masked packages
New gui design: results is moved to tabs in mainTabs

Posted by Karim 2005-03-11


House cleaning & code optimization.
In Settings: Untouched pages are not saved.
Make.conf options are tabbed in one widget.
Kuroo gui geometry is restored at startup.
New icons for Gentoo Watcher.
Installation queue state is saved at exit and restored when Kuroo restarts.
Added system detection in wizard.
Gentoo Watcher rewritten. New settings. Alerts can be totally avoided. Don't show empty alert for stable/testing in Gentoo Watcher.
Dependency tree view added to updates: from emerge -uDpvt world.
Kuroo window can now be resized to fit 800x600 screen.

Posted by Karim 2005-01-27

Kuroo-0.52.0 released

- Added lookup for package info in Updates and Search results: "view" in context menu.
- Added support for "glsa-check" output, must be enabled in Gentoo Watcher settings.
- Added alert popup control for Glsa, stable and testing.
- Search button opens dialog now. Added search description option.
- Added advanced emerge options in Installation tab.
- Added column for arch (stable/testing) for All Packages.
- Added package count in tabbar for Installed Packages tab, All Packages, Updates and Installation tabs.
- Fixed "Disk Usage" KDirSize overFlow bug.

Posted by Karim 2005-01-11

Kuroo-0.51.0 is here

Added multi selection of packages for all packages listing and icons.
New icons thanks to Wolfgang Bartelme http://www.bartelme.at
Reverted to kdesu from sudo: all sudo files and functions removed. Sudo functions could offer security holes.
Moving to new name: Kuroo. Because of confusion with existing app Guitoo by Kenny Smith.
Added colored icons in Gentoo Watcher to signal that these packages are installed.
Fixed bugs i Gentoo Watcher, added configurations window.

Posted by Karim 2004-12-11

Kuroo is Guitoo!

This "project" is getting more KDE-ified for each release, and a natural evolution is to choose a name more in tune with the KDE theme.
Important: There is already a Gentoo app named guitoo see http://standsolid.com/guitoo stared by Kenny Smith, and this a way to resolve the name confusion.

Posted by Karim 2004-12-07

Guitoo gui refreshed and introducing Gentoo Watcher

1. Live package and GLSA checks:
Gentoo Watcher is a small systemtray application watching rss feeds from gentoo.org for latest packages.
The watcher also checks gentoo-portage.com for latest Gentoo Linux Security Advisories. Default time intervall is one hour between checks.
Right-click on a package to send it to guitoo for emerging.
Right-clicking on a GLSA opens the concerning page at gentoo.org in your browser.
2. Running guitoo as user:
Super user permissions is handled by sudo which create a session for the duration of guitoo running time.
Root password is prompted once the first operation requiring such access.
3. And many more fixes, se the changelog.

Posted by Karim 2004-11-22

Guitoo-0.47.0 cannot sync bugfix!

"emerge rsync" does not work anymore.

If you don't want remerge guitoo, do as follow:
1. Start the File Manager - Super User Mode
2. Locate "/root/guitoorc/.kde3.3/share/config"
3. Open "guitoorc" in a text editor
4. Change line "sync=rsync" to "sync=--sync"
5. Save and restart guitoo

Posted by Karim 2004-10-25

Bug fixes and new "Update World"

Replaced "Upgradeable packages" module with "emerge -uDpv world": "Upgradeable packages" tab is replaced with "Update World". Adapted gui to that.
Added button "Add all" in Emerge queue" tab.
Added flags, size and category in emerge pretend listView.
Guitoo does not start with checking "Update World". User can refresh by hand.
Added emerge "Status" with icon in "emerge queue" showing user when package has been emerged to world.
Added colored text for more clearer feedback.
Disabled "emerge" buttons when emerge process is running.

Posted by Karim 2004-10-18

Spanish translation and more package info

Added spanish translation to project thanks to Morpheo2k.
Fixed package info not showing for selected package in "Portage Tree" tab listView2_2.
Scannewpackages parse *.ebuild now for stable/unstable info, and also check portage overlay alternatively.
Flags and package size is shown after emerge pretend.
Added a nice package "Summary" output in "My World" and "Portage Tree".
Added a category column in the alfabetical list for upgradable packages.
Added "Installed files" for selected package in "My World".
Moved "Emerge history" to "Tools" tab.

Posted by Karim 2004-09-28

New features: emerging to slots

Added new features:
1. Ability to select slot with context popupmenu for installing multiple version of a package.
2. "package.mask" added in settings.
3. Large prompt in the bottom part of the window for feedback of what guitoo is doing.
4. Guitoo starts with kdesu prompting for root password.
5. Icon visualizing that a package is installed in "Portage Tree".

1. Removed empty "Custom" menu.
2. "Kill emerge" is inactivated when no emerge process is running.
3. Better textual feedback to user of what guitoo is doing.

Posted by Karim 2004-09-20

Guitoo has gone through a major redesign

New features include:
- Fully KDE-ified
- Supports threads: refreshing "views" are threaded and much faster
- Settings moved to KDE menu
- Emerge history added
- Moving guitoo folder from /var/tmp/guitoo to /tmp/guitoo

Posted by Karim 2004-09-07