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Help options:

 -h, --help                 Show help options
 --help-all                 Show all help options
 --help-style               GTK style configuration options
 --help-jack                JACK configuration options
 --help-file                File options
 --help-debug               Debug options
 --help-gtk                 Show GTK+ Options

GTK style configuration options:

 -c, --clear                Use 'default' GTK style
 -r, --rcset=STYLE          Style to use, 'gx1-alloy', 'gx2-emerald', 'gx3-dezert', 'gx4-black', 'gx5-gree', 'gx6-blue', 'gx7-blues'

JACK configuration options:

 -i, --jack-input=PORT      Guitarix JACK input
 -o, --jack-output=PORT     Guitarix JACK outputs
 -m, --jack-midi=PORT       Guitarix JACK midi control
 -n, --name=NAME            instance name (default gx_head)
 -U, --jack-uuid            JackSession ID
 -A, --jack-uuid2           JackSession ID

File options:

 -f, --load-file=FILE       load state file on startup
 -P, --plugin-dir=DIR       directory with guitarix plugins (.so files)

Debug options:

 -B, --builder-dir=DIR      directory from which .glade files are loaded
 -S, --style-dir=DIR        directory with skin style definitions (.rc files)
 -t, --log-terminal         print log on terminal

GTK+ options:

 --class=CLASS              Program class as used by the window manager
 --gtk-name=NAME            Program name as used by the window manager
 --screen=SCREEN            X screen to use
 --sync                     Make X calls synchronous
 --gtk-module=MODULES       Load additional GTK+ modules
 --g-fatal-warnings         Make all warnings fatal

Application options:

 -v, --version              Print version string and exit
 --display=DISPLAY          X display to use

Undocumented options

 -D, --dump-parameter       Dump parameter table in json format (DEBUG)

Internal options

The following options are internal options (for JackSession management) and are better not used outside a JackSession context :

 -U, --jack-uuid            JackSession ID
 -A, --jack-uuid2           JackSession ID
 -f, --load-file=FILE       load state file on startup


JACK configuration options:

 -s, --server-name          JACK server name to connect to
 -J, --jack-no-connect      Disable self-connect JACK ports
 -K, --disable-auto-save    Disable auto save to state file when quiting


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