Diff of /trunk/libgxw/gxw/GxVSlider.cpp [2c6fb3] .. [0ed57a]  Maximize  Restore

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--- a/trunk/libgxw/gxw/GxVSlider.cpp
+++ b/trunk/libgxw/gxw/GxVSlider.cpp
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@
 	gdk_pixbuf_copy_area(image, 0, rect->height, rect->width, slider_height,
 	                     image1, 0, rect->height-(int)sliderstate-slider_height);
 	if (has_focus) {
-		gdk_pixbuf_saturate_and_pixelate(image1, image1, sat, FALSE);
+		//gdk_pixbuf_saturate_and_pixelate(image1, image1, sat, FALSE);
 		if (paint_focus) {
 			gtk_paint_focus(widget->style, widget->window, GTK_STATE_NORMAL, NULL, widget, NULL,
 			                rect->x, rect->y, rect->width, rect->height);

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