Graphical Manager for Apple iPod MP3 Player

Finally a KDE App to manage your Apple iPod(TM) from Linux is now released - Guipod 0.1

It features a very simple GUI, uses KDE 3.0 and is completely compatible with the gnupod 0.2 XML format.

Guipod is designed to become a one-place media management software for linux and will support ripping CDs, managing song collection and syncing with multiple MP3 players in future. Currently it supports only Apple iPod and expects songs to be already in MP3 format.

The features supported by this version:
o Song Management.
o Multiple Playlists.
o MP3 Tags and retagging.
o Import existing songs, iTunes compatible.
o Repairing songs.

In future it will support:
o Central management of all music files.
o Programmable collections
o Sync with multiple MP3 players.
o Burning/Ripping CDs and CDDB support.
o Sampling playlist - Sample small clips of songs.
o Support offline collections
o Sync address-book

o KDE/Qt 3.0
o Perl 5 (with Unicode::String and XML::Parser modules)
o Should be able to mount the iPod Firewire disk

Plans are underway to integrate Guipod with the ipod-on-linux project ( More details about Guipod including the user manual can be found at

Screenshots are available at

Source tar-ball can be downloaded from


Posted by Chandan Kudige 2002-10-15

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