Plans for Guipod 0.2

  • Chandan Kudige

    Chandan Kudige - 2002-10-26

    I am planning the following features for 0.2:

    1. Sampling playlists with configurable sample times. Playling the songs in this playlist plays only the first few seconds of each song.

    2. 'New Songs' playlist. Any song added newly to     iPod automatically goes into this playlist and stays there until the playlist is cleared.

    3. Make the progress dialogs more user-friendly.

    4. Search directories recursively for mp3s to add.

    Of course any new ideas are appreciated. We want to make Guipod the ultimate song-machine :)

    • Chandan Kudige

      Chandan Kudige - 2002-10-26

      Oh forgot ... Planning to use the itunes library from ipod-on-linux project and hence you can expect
      much faster guipod with no external scripts!

    • Corey Donohoe

      Corey Donohoe - 2002-12-03

      I was wondering if you've made any progress on this project.  Any why the CVS tree is empty.  I was planning on working on my own little project to get my ipod working with my ibook under linux.  Anyways I've looked at gnupod, and ipod-on-linux and I think a lot of the backend code can be reused from those projects.  However I think a nice Gtk2 interface similar in ipod control to itunes would be really beneficial.  I had planned on C, you're using C++.  Basically I wanted to see if you were still working on this project, or if you weren't, if you knew anywhere I could go to help some existing project before starting my own.

    • Andrew Villeneuve

      I'm very pleased with the software so far; the interface is clean and intuitive :)  I do wish, though, that there was an easy way to track how much disk space was currently being used on the iPod, from within Guipod.

      • Chandan Kudige

        Chandan Kudige - 2003-02-03

        Thanks amvillen,

        I have realised that this would be a nice feature myself. Infact it will be nice to display disk usage per artist/album isnt it ?

        I should get around to doing this sometime soon if I get some free time :(

        Any volunteers for this projects ?

    • Art Fore

      Art Fore - 2005-12-20

      One feature I would like is for it to work. I run ./configure and get at error about qt-nt library. Could not find anything about this library on the internet. All Qt libraries are installed in Suse 10 which is kde 3.4.



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