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Guy Bensky

Welcome to the GuiObject wiki!

GuiObjects is my attempt to "put to paper" a concept that has been running around through my head for years now.

The basic premise: if you want a project to practice your programing skills - a ray tracing program has EVERYTHING. From the mathematical algorithms of the raytracer itself, through the data structures of the models, up to the user interface, file structures, undos and all. On such a project your mind can just migrate to whatever field suits it most.

For some reason I migrated to the UI side of things. I ended up dreaming up a way of creating an interface where general objects could supply information on how to display them, so that you wouldn't need to create a GUI for each object - allowing you to easily create intricate interfaces. See more at [ParamObject concepts]

You can download a nice (?) working (but rough) version from

. Be sure to look at the [Compilation] page for info about building the program!

The wiki uses Markdown syntax.

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Wiki: Compilation
Wiki: ParamObject concepts