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We noticed a lot of members see themselves online in only one of the 2 channels we use.
channel 1: GuildAds<guildname>
channel 2: GEMChannel

The GuildAds channel is seen in both; Options->Channels and Options->Events tabs.

In members, we can see other members did join, both 2 channels. But every person on its own, can see him/herself in only one of them.

When creating new events, on my side, it is using the GuildAds channel as default; Probably since on my side I am logged on to GuildAds but not on the GEM channel.

Since some ppl do not use GuildAds, hence not having that channel at all, not all will see the Event.

- GuildAds<guildname> channel should not appear in the Options->Event tab. ( either by option to not use this channel for GuildEvents )
- Something in GEM or GuildAds is bugging the online state.
- it would be nice to have a default channel setting to use for creating GEM events. I guess it is now defaulting to the one the we are logged on too.

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  • Bernhard Ege

    Bernhard Ege - 2008-01-27

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    GEM will monitor events in the channels it is configure to (Options->Events). If some people don't use GuildAds, then configure GEM to not use the GuildAds channel and only have it use the GEMChannel. This way, all events will be created only on the GEM channel and everyone using GEM will see it.

    The default is to have GuildAds and GEM share a channel, mostly because only 1 channel is needed and that GEM and GuildAds can coexist. However, if someone is only using GEM, that player will see a lot of GuildAds noise being displayed on that channel (GEM doesn't filter GuildAds messages away).

    Normally, everyone in the guild should use GuildAds, both in order to make it more valuable, but also to let GEM coexist on the same channel. If you accept that players not using GuildAds do use GEM, then I have to suggest that everyone configure GEM manually to use the GEM channel only (thus remove the GuildAds channel from GEM config). Basically, you are not interested in using the GuildAds channel for events so you should remove it from GEM config.

    Creating an option to not have GEM use the GuildAds channel is sort of there. Just remove the GuildAds channel from the Options->Events config.

    I am not exactly sure what you mean by "bugging the online state". Please elaborate.

    I _think_ that GEM has support for a default channel. Try checking with /gem command.

    Please note; the Options->Events frame is actually the native GEM config panel re-linked into GuildAds.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    HI Galmok,

    Actually the removal of the GuildAds channel is not working as you describe.
    Or I missunderstand.

    When removing, the complete GuildAds channel is removed aswell; GuildAds icon becomes transparent and tells it is not connected to GuildAdsSerious channel. (our guildname)
    I tried both with Automatic / Manual guildads channel configuration.
    But after removal of guildads channel in Options->Events GuildAds is not working anymore.
    After relogging, GuildAds is persistant and recreates the GuildAdsSerious channel in the Events tab again.

    Making use of the /gem setdefchan I an arrange this. I will change my own guildaddon to set this info automatically.
    I will also extend my own addon, to see the GEM options ( dateformat and use-servertime .. etc) and setting it back to the data that the user provided, rather than keeping it being reset to default once in a while.

    I think this is the only option then.

    Best regards,
    realm: Agamaggan
    faction: Alliance
    guild: you know now :)

  • Bernhard Ege

    Bernhard Ege - 2008-01-29

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    It is true that GA will add its channel to the GEM list which in your case ins't wanted.

    The immediate/recommended solution is to delete the GuildAds\ui\GEM folder. This seperates GEM and GuildAds completely.

    There is no option to handle this situation yet. It is assumed that everyone in the guild would use GuildAds and therefore GEM and GuildAds could easily coexist on the same channel.

    If you prefer to have GEM staying inside GuildAds as an Event tab, then you have to delete some code from GuildAds\ui\GEM\GuildAdsGEMEventFrame.lua:

    Delete this function:

    onChannelJoin = function()
    local ChannelAddedByGA;
    local channelName, password = GuildAds:GetDefaultChannel();

    -- add GA channel to the GEM channel list
    if not GEM_IsChannelInList(string.lower(channelName)) then
    GEMOptions_AddChannel(channelName, password or "", "", ""); -- channelName, password, alias, slash
    ChannelAddedByGA = channelName;
    -- update ChannelAddedByGA
    GuildAdsGEMEvent.setProfileValue(nil, "ChannelAddedByGA", ChannelAddedByGA);

    Deleting that function will prevent GuildAds from adding its channel to GEM.


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