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Guido 0.51 Released

This release fixes some problems with the installation process and instructions.

I've been dumping entirely too much time into the installation process, especially considering that Guido still doesn't have all the functionality that I consider critical. I'm going to be spending less time on the installation and more time on making Guido do what it should after installation. Once we get the critical functionality, I'll spend more time on improving the rest.... read more

Posted by James Tillman 2002-03-03

Guido 0.50 Installer was flawed - now fixed

I see that only a few people have managed to download the latest release of Guido's installer. It was reported earlier today that the installer script was attempting to install an older version of the program. I've fixed the problem, and it should now install the correct version.

I also fixed a reported missing dependency. Thanks to our resident tester Adam Frielink for catching both these problems so early!... read more

Posted by James Tillman 2002-02-23

Guido 0.50 Has Been Released

[All Topics] No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. We've flipped the version from .05 to .50 to better represent Guido's maturity level. We've been slack about keeping version numbers properly and it's time to get things straight.

To find out what's new in this release you can read the release notes here:

Posted by James Tillman 2002-02-22

Guido 0.04 has been released

We've just release Guido 0.04, our first release in over 3 months. It will not be that long before our next one, I promise. Our future development will focus on getting a release out once every 2 weeks or so, so that our early users can take advantage of bug fixes and new features more quickly. For details on what's been fixed and added, you can see the release notes in the Files section of the project site, or you can peruse the ChangeLog.... read more

Posted by James Tillman 2002-01-31

Current Status

As we draw ever closer to our next release (hopefully in a few days I'll have the distribution package cleaned up enough to release), I thought it might be nice to let you know what I've been up to with Guido.

Support for drag and drop from the Toolbox as well as for widgets embedded in other widgets is now working. That was a long time coming. The drag and drop works wonderfully, although the form you're
dropping onto must be off to the side when you start dragging from the Toolbox, since the form will end up behind the main Guido window otherwise. This will be fixable, I think, by forcing focus back to the form again once the drag has started. Perhaps I'll have time to fix that before release.... read more

Posted by James Tillman 2002-01-01

Project Status

Just a quick update on what we're currently up to:

I am currently working on getting Guido's developer documentation in order,
which mostly means updating the interface documentation that we maintain
using ModInfo (another sourceforge project I've been working on which allows
you to document Perl modules using specially formatted comments).

I have also been squashing a few of the bugs that have been reported (esp.
those related to the guido installer and the user interface.)... read more

Posted by James Tillman 2001-12-06

Welcome to New Developers!

I'd like to take a moment to welcome the 2 newest members of the Guido development team: Erik R. Lechak and Roy Wilkinson. They bring some impressive abilities to the project and we hope that they find enough to keep them interested.

As always, we will welcome anyone with some time and skill to contribute to the project, and we hope if you're a developer you might find some time to devote to what we think is a highly worthwhile project.... read more

Posted by James Tillman 2001-12-06

The Guido Team Needs Help

This is a call for perl developers wishing to get involved in an exciting Perl/TK project. Guido is a Perl/TK IDE and is nearing the point of a beta release. There is so much to do, and so much of it exciting, that anyone with a little object-oriented Perl knowledge could lend a hand. Please, if you would like to join us, even in a limited capacity, let me know!


Posted by James Tillman 2001-10-24

Current Status

I've been working very hard on documenting all of Guido's modules. This is something that was not really maintained during the first development phases, and the price must be paid now. The good news is that any developers who join the project will find it much easier to figure out what's going on inside of Guido, and those who help debug will, too.

Posted by James Tillman 2001-10-24

Guido-0.03 Released

I just noticed that I forgot to post a news item about our small bug fix release to the news items! Here's the message I posted to the mailing list earlier this week:

The installer has been updated, to make it compatible with perl 5.005+ It
also installs its own dependencies now, in addition to those of Guido.

This release of Guido is mainly to fix a few oversights in the previous
release that prevented several users from starting it up. Hopefully, we're
getting even closer to usability.... read more

Posted by James Tillman 2001-10-06

Guido 0.02 Released

The new release is now available. Also available is the new script which should hopefully make the installation process a little less troublesome. Please post problems to the Support section on the project page, and bugs to the Bugs section. If you're unsure what's going on, please feel free to post a question to the mailing list.


Posted by James Tillman 2001-09-27

Docs and new release

The Guido web site at now has some user documentation as well as programmer documentation.

Also, I've been working for the last several weeks on an installer for Guido that will hopefully ease some of the installation pains on all platforms, but particularly Win32. When the installer is released, hopefully tonight or tomorrow, I'll put a link to it on the web site, as well as some instructions on how to use it. The installer will also be a separate release from the main Guido package itself, since it's not really part of the application.... read more

Posted by James Tillman 2001-09-25

First Alpha Release of Guido

Last night, I uploaded the first alpha release of Guido to SourceForge. You
can find it here:

There are certain to be omissions, bugs, etc., so I'm anticipating another
release next week after I get some reports of what I've done wrong. Please
post your problems to the mailing list (, and
post actual bugs using the bug reporting tool at the Project site URL
mentioned above.... read more

Posted by James Tillman 2001-07-21

Slight delay in next release of Guido

I'm going to delay the release of Guido Developer Preview 2 for just a day or two while I get the documentation portion fleshed out. I really wanted to follow through on the numerous requests for added infomation about how to use and abuse the program.

The release should happen no later than Tuesday night, finished or not. I realize it has been far too long since our last release, and I plan to go a bi-weekly release schedule once this one gets out the door.

Posted by James Tillman 2001-07-16

Initial upload of Guido source into CVS

Guido, A Perl/Tk GUI Builder, is now available via CVS. It's a Perl/Tk app for building Perl/Tk apps!

We have just completed the initial upload of Guido's source into CVS. We hope to have a developer's preview release before the end of the week. Those adventurous enough are welcome to get a copy now to see what's going on.

Posted by James Tillman 2001-02-13

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