Current Status

As we draw ever closer to our next release (hopefully in a few days I'll have the distribution package cleaned up enough to release), I thought it might be nice to let you know what I've been up to with Guido.

Support for drag and drop from the Toolbox as well as for widgets embedded in other widgets is now working. That was a long time coming. The drag and drop works wonderfully, although the form you're
dropping onto must be off to the side when you start dragging from the Toolbox, since the form will end up behind the main Guido window otherwise. This will be fixable, I think, by forcing focus back to the form again once the drag has started. Perhaps I'll have time to fix that before release.

A few bugs have surfaced, but I've squashed several others, including the persistent property sorting problem within the Property Manager. Show stoppers are becoming less and less frequent and stability is rising.

I hope to announce our next release before the week's end. It might even be beta quality.


Posted by James Tillman 2002-01-01

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